Friday, June 15, 2012


And now kindergarten is done & I can no longer pretend that I have a toddler.


So, because I'm me AND because I have found a wonderful network of like-minded crazy people, we threw Dash & his besties, Ben & Roman, a kindergarten graduation party.

I made Ho-Ho diplomas...

And peanut butter cup graduation caps.

Then I went outside & filled about 300 water balloons. You know what you should get if you need to tie 300 water balloons (aside from the Lithium you should be taking in order to prevent you from feeling compelled to tie 300 water balloons)? A Tie-Not! It took me about seven You Tube videos & fifteen failed attempts before I finally got the hang of it, but once I did I was a water-balloon-making machine. 

Also, I only lost partial feeling in both hands.

After the water balloon war (which explains why they're all nuded up in this picture) we awarded the boys their graduation medals--told you I found some like-minded crazies--and caps. Then we ate hamburgers and potato chips and watermelon and celebrated our little scholars.

See you in the Fall, 1st grade.

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Made by Mariko said...

You are so fun! Dash is so lucky to have you.