Friday, November 21, 2014

Go Kings Go!

You know what I always say: the next best thing to being rich is having rich friends. That said, look what we got for freeeeeeeeeee.


15th row, bitchez!


See if you can spot the crazy person in this pic. (Trick question, they're all crazy.)


Kings win!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


When your child asks you to sew him a snuggie then you damn well sew him a snuggie.
ESPECIALLY if you can do it out of Lucha Libre fleece.

Friday, November 07, 2014

All Hallows

Before you have a kid, you hope and pray that they'll be funny and weird and that they'll have funny and weird friends. That they'll let their freak flags fly. That they'll embrace and encourage all the unusual things about themselves and about one another.

Check and check.

Halloween 2014
That's my son, the Halloween cactus, and his best friend, the Halloween tumbleweed. Because of course.

Halloween 2014
But they come by it honestly. Those are their fathers (plus another neighbor-dad), dressed in their soccer ref uniforms and wigs. I don't know why.

Halloween 2014
I helped make Lucy's Weeping Angel costume. We used a gray sheet and stone spray paint for the dress and cardboard and more stone spray paint for the wings.

Halloween 2014
Here's a better shot of the wings (please to ignore the crazed person hiding behind her, I think he had too much candy earlier in the day). I think the rounded top part of the wings was a particular stroke of genius on my part (if I may say so my own self. ahem). It's pipe insulation that I split in half lengthwise & painted.

Halloween 2014
And of course it wouldn't be Halloween without our beloved nieces (Sky is Stitch--I made her tutu & knitted her legwarmers and I'm 99% sure she hated all of it but I forced her to wear it anyway because I am a mean aunty).

Halloween 2014
What? I don't see anything.

Halloween 2014
Here are our delicious neighbors. Come on, the baby is a marshmallow and the toddler is a Hershey bar. Together they make a s'more. I just can't even.

Halloween 2014
Here's the whole neighborhood pack before the candy begging started in earnest.

These are just the best days.

(Sorry about all the weird filters, I stole a bunch of these off the neighborhood Facebook page and they came pre-greenified).

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lombardi Ranch

It was a nail-biter there for a minute, but they made it out of the corn maze alive.

I stood in line for them (I sent them off to get in trouble elsewhere while I waited) for well over an hour, and paid $12 EACH for their face painting. The skulls were gone within 30 minutes. Womp womp.

Disney Hall

For my birthday this year, my mom gifted us with tickets to the LA Phil kids' concert series. The first concert was a couple of weeks ago and we made a day of it downtown.

Disney Hall is just spectacular. How Gehry even conceived of it is beyond my understanding.

The first performance (there will be three more in the series) was all about the Hall's incredible pipe organ (it's that thing that looks like a packet of French fries above).

Before the performance began they had an "instrument petting zoo" in one of the gardens. 

Josh got into it, too.

After the show we took a short walk to Little Tokyo, where we ate ALL the Japanese food and then ALL the mochi--ice cream and regular. (Dash has an unexplained affection for all things Japanese. Maybe stems from the fact that he's spent nearly every Friday night of his life--from 2 months old on--at a sushi restaurant with us.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014