Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lombardi Ranch

It was a nail-biter there for a minute, but they made it out of the corn maze alive.

I stood in line for them (I sent them off to get in trouble elsewhere while I waited) for well over an hour, and paid $12 EACH for their face painting. The skulls were gone within 30 minutes. Womp womp.

Disney Hall

For my birthday this year, my mom gifted us with tickets to the LA Phil kids' concert series. The first concert was a couple of weeks ago and we made a day of it downtown.

Disney Hall is just spectacular. How Gehry even conceived of it is beyond my understanding.

The first performance (there will be three more in the series) was all about the Hall's incredible pipe organ (it's that thing that looks like a packet of French fries above).

Before the performance began they had an "instrument petting zoo" in one of the gardens. 

Josh got into it, too.

After the show we took a short walk to Little Tokyo, where we ate ALL the Japanese food and then ALL the mochi--ice cream and regular. (Dash has an unexplained affection for all things Japanese. Maybe stems from the fact that he's spent nearly every Friday night of his life--from 2 months old on--at a sushi restaurant with us.)