Monday, January 08, 2007


Is it abundantly clear yet that I am obsessed with what Dash eats? And I don't mean obsessed in the funny way that people say they are obsessed with cars they like or cashmere. I mean I think about what Dash is eating about 87% of the time.

We are fast approaching the end of formula. Which, hooray! Because I hate preparing bottles the way most people hate spiders. Realizing that it's my turn to mix a batch right before bed makes me physically angry. For real. But, bottles do serve to reassure me that Dash is getting everything he needs in terms of vitamins and minerals. Once they're gone it's all up to me. I will have to figure out a way to get something besides macaroni and cheese down his gullet.

Yes, macaroni and cheese. And Greek yogurt with tahini mixed in. Occasionally I'll sneak a bit of pureed vegetable into the mix, but pretty much we've gone from a vast array of colorful, wholesome and organic veggies to two white foods. The only reason I haven't turned myself in to child protective services is that I can still get him to eat fruit. Mangoes and watermelon and apples and pears. And blueberries! Oh blueberries! Which he used to each one at a time by painstakingly placing them as far back in his mouth as possible, where his molars would be if he had molars, and gumming them down. Oh my God it was cute. But now he crushes them carefully between thumb and forefinger and eats about every third one.

(Have you ever seen the inside of a blueberry? It's not blue. Only the skin is blue. The innards look like something very bad that I won't say but it rhymes with infected pustule. And yet, the blueness of them infects every surface in my home. I just don't understand how something which is essentially not blue can make everything around it blue. But I digress.)

After his first birthday I will introduce some meats and fish into his diet, and I'll be a little more flexible about sugars and the like. Hopefully we'll gear up fast to getting everyone at the dinner table eating the same meal. Because, seriously, I have to shave down food-obsessing time to like, 75% max.


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

At least he's not throwing everything on the floor ... yet ;)

Congrats on being almost bottle free! Next to go will be the diapers!

Beck said...

Thanks for visiting my today! I was OBSESSED with every little thing my first child ate for YEARS, the poor girl. With my third, she'd be eating who knows what, if it wasn't for her intolerance issues!