Wednesday, August 20, 2008

25 Days, 24

The other night Josh & I were tickling the shit out of Dash and in between fits of laughter he starts screaming out, "Guys! GUYS!" like a little grown person.


When he was smaller he would just pick a person and focus all of his love and adoration on them. Sometimes it was me, sometimes it was Josh. Anytime he needed something he would call upon his favored. "Mommy, milk please!" Even if Josh was at that moment holding a cup of milk. "Daddy, story!" Even if I was, at that very instant, underneath him and holding Madeline. Neither of us took it personally and it was sometimes a nice little vacation from parenthood, you know, being ignored all the damn time.

But lately he's started referring to us as, "Mommydaddy." One breath, one unit, both of us.

Fuck I love him.