Monday, March 22, 2010


This weekend we went to the park with a friend Dash hasn't seen for almost a year. They were really close when they were at the same school, but our families drifted apart a little when he moved. So, we were able to finally get it together for some fun at a new-to-us park that is the very definition of awesome. I almost couldn't resist going down the big slide my own self. Check it:

Dash and his friend picked up exactly where they left off (the way only 4-year-olds can) and were best friends within 10 minutes of arriving. Kids are awesome.

SO ANYWAYS, this friend came to the park in a long sleeved shirt and it was much hotter than we expected, so his mom just took his shirt off until she could get to the car to get him a change of clothes. In the few minutes that he was shirtless some little assholes started making fun of him. And what do you think that my little dude did? He defended his friend, unprompted. He said, "stop making fun of my friend!" and they did! Seriously, I don't like bragging on my kid, and I hate it when other parents do, but I have never been prouder of him. Honestly. Never. He stood up to bigger kids to defend his friend who was scared. He was a fucking star.

So when we got home I baked him 24 cupcakes. Because that's how I do.


jengel said...

And he's just so goddamn good looking, too!

Erin said...

So cool. There is only one place that kids learn that type of awesomeness, and that would be from you. You should be super proud of him AND of you.
Okay. I hope that didn't sound creepy coming from a complete stranger!

Liz said...

Not creepy at all, thank you Erin! Can't wait to dig into your blog. Thanks for your visit!