Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This weekend was the first in a long, long time that we didn't have any obligations except to ourselves. It was delicious. One of those weekends where you keep looking at one another and repeating, "best. day. ever."

On Saturday evening we met up with our beloved Stein-Greenes & hit up the Indiana Jones screening at the Outdoor Cinema Food Fest.

Dash had never seen it, so we commemorated the occasion with brand new hats & whips for him and his bestie, Roman.

Then he proceeded to make this face at me for 45 minutes because sometimes he's just an asshole. But THEN, people in the movie started shooting at each other (Dash: "This movie is AWESOME! I didn't know there were going to be guns!") and all was well in his world.

Then we each ate a 1/3 lb. food truck burger, chased them with Red Vines, m&m's, box wine and Skittles, and passed out on the grass.

And then my boob fell out of my dress and no one thought to mention it.

On Sunday, after a solo bike ride for Josh and a Dash-accompanied run for me, we headed out on our first family bike ride of the Summer. (If you would have told the Liz of ten years ago that her idea of a good time would be a run followed by a bike ride, she would have thrown her vodka tonic right in your face.)

But ride we did.

Eventually we made our way to the park and I burned my ass on the slide and Dash finally figured out how to propel himself forward on the swings (he can tie his shoes, ride a two-wheeler, hit a baseball, catch a football and perform advanced acts of Tae Kwon Do, but he could not for the life of him work out the whole swing thing.) Oh! Did I mention I got a new bike?


After the ride we rewarded ourselves with dinner out and some fro yo. So, in conclusion:

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