Tuesday, November 29, 2011

With Thanks

You know, it's weird. The happier I get, the harder it is to come up with what to say here during this season of Thanks. I mean, I am so, so filled with gratitude every day for our too-many-to-count gifts, that setting some aside for November seems false. So let's just look at pictures of another beautiful Thanksgiving where we were blessed with family, friends, good food & much cheer.

Dash has illustrated the Mayflower's passage for us. Because clearly he is an artistic genius.

And Pig would like to remind you to eat more of the other, other white meat.

I had a couple of minutes to step outside before the first guests arrived. We don't get much Fall foliage in the So Cal, but we appreciate what orange & yellow we can find.

Here's the table. Dash wrote out the place cards on paper leaves.

And Josh carved little pumpkins into candle holders.


The kids' table was set for Dash & his bestie, Ben. I tried to come up with fun activities for them (coloring, feather headbands, felt acorns), but mostly they just wanted to run around and beat each other with toy swords.

Apparently Dash got hold of the camera and took twenty picture of Cuddles all over the house. Christ he loves that tiger.

Um, honey? I think it's a little late for CPR on that thing.

(You'll notice that all of these pictures are from before the action. That's because we were all too busy eating & drinking & toasting & laughing to stop for pictures. Just exactly as it should be.)

(Well, ok, fine, here: 


Happy Thanksgiving!

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