Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Kid's a Baller

There's been a lot (a LOT) of yelling coming out of me these past few days. The kid always seems to get agitated and crazed as the holidays approach--just when my fuse is its shortest--and all hell breaks loose in the Engel house several times a day. It's been trying.

But in this season of gratitude I'd like to take a moment to kvell over the boy's many successes. Because no matter how much I'd like to throw him out the window, there is nothing for which I am more thankful.

On Friday we were invited to watch as our baby (who still looks like this in my mind) received an award for achievement in reading.


It's like a little gift from the universe just for me (and Dash, I guess. but mainly me).

But in case you're all, "NERD," I'd also like to point out that the boy led his team in RBIs this season. I only 85% know what that means, but Josh says it's good.

Team Photo Silly 2
Speaking of Josh, look at how cute he is in his first team picture as a Coach.

In conclusion, the child is also an artistic genius.

OK, the end.

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vincent said...

Way to go! Proud momma moment for sure.