Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Something that both Dash & I are pretty sad about is the fact that he can't join Boy Scouts (because of their stance on gay leaders. We were so excited when they voted to allow gay scouts, but the message then became, "you're fine till you're 18, but then you can't be trusted around children"). So when I heard about (tag line: Get skills. Be awesome.), I may have geeked the fuck out. is a website that invites kids to earn badges by completing tasks (or attaining "skills"). They can earn badges in everything from Angler to Yeti (I have no idea). When I rattled off the list to Dash, he weirdly decided to start with Baker.

His first challenge was to make & toss pizza dough:


Next was to make a character cake from scratch:

(eating said cake)

And finally, he made a quick bread. This was cheddar chili cornbread that we brought to dinner at a friends' house:

After he earned his Baker badge (and once you earn it, you can actually order a real badge that they send you! It's awesome!), he moved on to the Athlete challenges. So far he's completed play a team sport:

And run an obstacle course:

(design phase. there were water balloons involved)

And it ended the way most things do at our house, with Dash & me hurling balloons at one another and chasing one another with hoses. You can see the video here if you're inclined:

Dash is having a belt test on Friday, so we'll submit that for the martial arts challenge & he'll have earned another badge. Can't wait to see what's next! I'm agitating for Interior Designer, but it'll probably be Beekeper or something. Because why wouldn't he?

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