Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This boy. This boy who loves reading and baseball and swimming and climbing. Who hates homework and showers. This boy who is the best of his father and the best of me.

Hart Tigers Spring 2014
Pitching his first season of Hart Spring baseball for the Tigers.

This boy who loves broken jokes and tigers and radishes. Who is an only child but has built a band of brothers around him.

photo 1
He learned to sew so he could make his Daddy a special pillow for his birthday.

Who worries about everything but is brave despite. Who wakes from nightmares and asks to be pinched.

photo 3
Portrait of me: Queen Elizabeth the 3rd.

Who has my barking laugh and his father's taste in music. This boy is light and love and a little bit sweaty rust smell. He is more than I ever imagined was possible and a blessing upon us. Oh. This boy.

photo 2
Receiving his basketball trophy from his coaches at the Fire Dragons team party.

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