Thursday, May 15, 2014


Dash's baseball coach--(Oh, have I mentioned he's playing baseball? Here are a couple of pictures:)



--has super-extra-fancy season tickets to the Dodgers, and shared them with Dash & Josh for a Monday night game.

See where they're standing? Their seats are right behind them. Row AA.

(The other day, Dash was watching a movie about Little League-rs in Mexico who had to make their own baseballs out of string and tar. So, you know. Different.)
Here's Matt Kemp, one of the most famous baseball players in the world, signing Dash's hat.
Dash and his freshly minted Matt Kemp-autographed hat!
My sweet, handsome, All-American boys. 
We wanted to properly thank Dash's coach for the tickets, so I baked some cookies & Dash made a thank you card.

When I think about the fact that I came to this country as a refugee from the USSR, I'm just overwhelmed and astonished by how much can change in a single generation. This country, I know, isn't perfect. But watching my son grow up here feels nothing short of miraculous.

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