Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Funny Ha Ha

Dear Little,

So, by the time you can read this you'll already have been made painfully aware that your mother's sense of humor has not evolved one iota since she read her very first joke in her very first joke book in grade three. To this day--at this very moment, even--I laugh at the following:

Q: What's red and bumpy and rides a horse?
A: The Lone Raspberry!

Now, that is not a funny joke. It is even less funny because for years after I first fell down laughing at it, I did not know who or what the Lone Ranger was. I have still to this day never seen an episode. You probably don't know, either. So, you know, you understand how it's even less funny than it is, if that's possible. And yet, ask anyone who loves me how to make me laugh without fail and they will recite to you that joke. Go ahead. Ask Daddy.

Anyway, another joke I LOVE goes as follows:

[squish your cheeks together as hard as you can while reciting aloud]
Hi, I'm Chubby. My Daddy's chubby, my Mama's chubby. Even my dog's chubby. Sometimes, my Daddy takes me for rides on his motorcycle. When he does, I look like this!
[pull your cheeks back toward your ears as hard as you can]

Good stuff, yes? Wow, long setup. Here's the payoff:

Hi! I'm Chubby!

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