Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Hope You're Not a Diabetic

Here are some things to make your teeth hurt.

He has learned to say "please." This has seriously screwed me out of any disciplining I may have had planned for the future. When he inserts himself between me and the open refrigerator and starts pleading, "Apple. Please, please" well, really. What choice do I have?

I physically can't resist the lisping, raspberry-finishing sound of my boy being polite. And what's extra-annoying is that he doesn't even know what it means! He has no idea that he is evidencing good manners. He just found the thing that works.

Also, apple is all fruit. Strawberry? Apple. Peach? Apple. Grape? Apple. Apple? Banana. Just kidding. It's apple.

Finally, when he is finished eating, he says, "all done." Which in and of itself? Cutest thing ever, right? How about when you're in bed on a Sunday morning eavesdropping on the baby monitor and hear him declare "all done" about sleeping? Have you died? Yeah, me too.

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