Sunday, January 06, 2008



Here is an important piece of advice that I hope you'll treasure and remember your whole life:

When it's raining and you notice that water is dripping down the walls and through the ceiling and from the window casings, go ahead and take a look at the rain gutters before spending any money on roofers. Are they clogged? Have you ever cleaned them in the two years you've been in your new house? Is water just dumping over the sides and into your house?

Go ahead and give them a cleaning.

All fixed? Good.

You're welcome.

Mom & Dad


Anonymous said...

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kate said...

This cracked me up- we had some heavy rain last week, and I was thinking, "Damn, I really need to clean out those gutters, but what's the harm in putting it off a little longer?" And then I found out that the harm is that part of your gutter will become so clogged-waterlogged that it will sag and start to break off from the side of the house. So, yeah. I think I'll be cleaning the gutters this weekend!