Friday, January 18, 2008


I started this post on Friday--Dash's actual birthday. But then I had to go clean something or buy something or string something with silver garland. I dunno. Maybe I'm a crappy blogger and birthday chronicler. But I throw an AWESOME second birthday party. Here's the bday post, followed by the party recap.


In the last year I dropped a few pounds, lost two assistants, got new brakes and tires, read a couple of books and learned how to sew a chain and blanket stitch.

In the last year you learned to walk and then run, began to speak so that we could understand you, learned the alphabet, the names of nearly every animal in the wild and how to climb stairs, grew five inches but not much hair. You are a marvel.


The party was better than I ever could have expected, but you'll have to take my word for it because we were having too much fun to take many pictures. I decorated the house with shiny silver garland, but the effect was more "Studio 54" than "2nd Birthday Robot Party." We ate tofu corn dogs & "chicken" nuggets, mini-tacos & pizzas. I made sugar cookies shaped like "D"s & "2"s and covered them with sparkly sanding sugar. The cake was chocolate raspberry and came from the market and I'm not apologizing for that because planning this party nearly killed me and baking a cake would undoubtedly have done me in.

It was a perfect mild day, so Josh strung the yard with red paper lanterns and we hung a gigantic robot pinata from a tree. We heaped toys and bikes and wagons on the lawn and set up the robot craft table outside. There were a total of about 30 guests, 1/3 of whom were kids. Can I say how freaking amazing it is to have that many kids running wild in our house? I loved every minute of it and didn't freak out once about what was happening to our floors (well, until the next morning when I about lost my mind, but only Dash & Josh were there to witness that).

At the end--after the pinata-bashing, the cake, the video and many goodbyes--our closest friends sat around to help open gifts and wrap up the night the best way we knew how. Guitar Hero.

Happy birthday, little man. Here's to 100 more.

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Tonya said...

Congratulations on a great party! All those great ideas worked- you can tell by how happy Dash looks in the pictures.