Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be Mine

I was digging around Flickr for a photo of my Valentines to mark the day, and I happened upon one I guess I never noticed before:

Obviously, if I had been paying attention, this horror would never have made it off of the camera in the first place. But thank God I live two-thirds of my life in a distracted haze and just loaded this up with the rest. This is the EXACT face Josh makes when he's confused or thinking hard or just making fun. I mean, of course, the resemblance between them is undeniable, but this is truly remarkable.

The other remarkable thing is that, even when I'm mad at him (like I was for most of today) or incredibly stressed (like I have been for the past couple of weeks) or so frustrated that all I want to do is stand in the shower and scream (see previous) I never cease to be abso-fucking-lutely delighted that I helped make another face just like Josh's

I guess that's how you know you chose right. Even when all you want to do is stomp and yell and growl, you're thrilled at the sight of another that looks just exactly like they do.

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