Friday, February 08, 2008

Show You!

So, you know that potty I'm always going on about? Well, lately Dash has started to understand more about what it's for. There was a memorable warm day in January spent naked in the backyard, moving it from place to place on the lawn and taking a fleeting seat (this was all his idea). Lately he'll ask for it, then demand that his pants and diaper be removed (usually shirt & socks, too. weird kid) and he'll plop down for a few minutes. Nothing has ever happened (well, a couple of poots here and there), and we don't really expect anything to happen. He's barely two.

Last night we had another request for the potty. Pants and diaper were removed. He took a seat and I went into the kitchen to finish making dinner (salad, matzo ball soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. we've just recently discovered the glory of a soup and hot sandwich dinner). So, a few minutes pass and an elated, nude-from-the-waist-down Dash comes tearing into the kitchen. "Mommy! Show You! Mommy! C'mere!" Usually this series of demands means: you will now follow me into the kitchen and fetch me candy, or you will now follow me into the office and show me an Elmo video on You Tube.

Not this time.

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InTheFastLane said...

Yeah! He's figured out what to do. Now it is just a matter of time.