Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008 (or Dash's First Haircut )

Oh, Spring. We love you and your bunnies and tulips and sunshine so very much. Thank you for being you.

We don't normally celebrate Easter, but this year we were invited to Mooma's house (that's Aunty's mom and Masie, Hayden & Mackenna's grandma). We made Easter baskets for the girls that contained an obscene amount of candy. I just thanked God I didn't have to be in the car with them after eating that much sugar.

Dash's Angels.

Dash had a poopy diaper earlier, which Mason helped to change.

Me: Masie, you can't change Dash's diaper because then you won't want to marry him when you grow up.
Mason: That's ok. I'll still marry him.

First Easter egg hunt (um, Dad? My hair is getting a little out of control, yes?)


There's candy in there?!?!

WTF, yo? Where's the candy?

Hey, Dad? Remember when I mentioned that thing about my hair? I wasn't kidding.

Aunty Melissa cuts hair?! Nice!

Hello, ladies. How you like me now?

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