Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring! Spring! Spring!

This morning the birds were chirping so loudly, so lustily and with such elan that it was almost too much. What a glorious welcome to Spring!

Speaking of Spring, here are some Spring-related tidbits that I will very tenuously connect because clearly I can't get it together to make a normal blog post like a real blogger, but I don't want to forget so, well:

I made some St. Paddy's cupcakes with cute little flags to welcome our new neighbors. They weren't home when we dropped them off, so I left them with a note. There's been no acknowledgment at all from their side of the street, so maybe they didn't like them (or, um, me). We, however, ate the second dozen I made for us in, like, 20 minutes. So screw them, at least we had an excuse to eat yummy green cupcakes.

Dash pulled the picks out of each and every one of our batch, licked the frosting off, then reinserted them. They all looked about like this when he was done. We ate them anyway.


So, you know, we're not really great Jews. We don't belong to a Temple. We don't really celebrate any holidays except Hanukkah and Passover, and really, all we do for those two are eat delicious brisket and recite prayers that we only sort-of understand. But still, we're at the very least ethnically Jewish and we try to acknowledge it as much as we can.

Each year we're invited for Seder, or Passover dinner, at the home of some of Josh's relatives. They have a beautiful home and their Passover is always beyond lovely. It's also a great excuse for us to spend time with our close and extended families and show off the kid. I usually bring wine or flowers to the hostess, but a few weeks ago, while shopping for a colander, I spotted some Passover-themed cookie cutters I couldn't resist. I had big plans to make a few dozen perfectly-decorated cookies to bring to dinner this year.

The Jews among you have already spotted the flaw in my logic, yes? For the goyim among you: the main thing about Passover is NO GRAIN. And cookies? They're made from FLOUR. Which is, you know, GRAIN. Awesome. So, ok, I'm definitely not that smart for buying them. But who in the hell decided to produce them in the first place? Maybe I'll bring them to Easter dinner with Aunty's family. Gotta represent. Even if my grasp on what I'm representing is weak at best.


And finally: Look I painted these for Dash for Christmas (see? bad Jews) and only just got around to photographing them yesterday. I can't really paint, and Dash isn't really interested in them, but I'm proud enough that I came up with a plan and executed it. Sometimes it's the small victories we have to count.

There's a teensy leetle white mouse after the penguin but someone absconded with it (seeing as how it's an irresistible choking hazard and all).

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amy t sharp said...

those are awesome! Where did you find them? love it!