Tuesday, April 08, 2008


We bought Dash a bike for his second birthday. Except it doesn't have pedals because two-year-olds don't know how to work pedals. The plan was to give him the fake bike at two and then a real bike for his third birthday. I was not looking forward to having to teach him how to work the pedals (I can't ride a bike so getting my feet caught in fast-moving pedals is a teensy phobia of mine).

But on Sunday we were at Target (I know! can you believe it?! me neither!) and Dash saw a little trike abandoned in the middle of an aisle and hopped right on. He didn't really get what to do with his feet and the pedals were kinda knocking into his shins so Josh was all, "OK Dash, push with your feet." And that was, as they say, that. The kid rode that shit up and down every aisle in the store. He made turns and navigated around crowds and debris. So now Dash has two bikes.

Here are some blurry camera phone pictures.

And speaking of blurry pictures of us spoiling our baby (people make fun of me for continuing to call him a baby. they can go fuck themselves): did you know that a great way to keep them from letting go of their balloons in the supermarket it to tie a lollipop to the end and let them gnaw on it?


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