Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fanny and Tilly

Josh's parents recently got a pair of new puppies and we brought Dash over for a visit. We told him a few days earlier that we were going to see some puppies and he was So. Effing. Excited! But then we got there and he started to shriek like a little girl every time they came near him. It was actually a little embarrassing.

This is who he was so terrified of:

Afterwards he took us for a ride in Grandpa's MG.

Which is pretty surprising, considering later when he tried to put his shoes on this happened:

When I pointed his error out to him he refused to switch them, so that's how we went to the grocery store.

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amy turn sharp said...

Finn is four and we rarely have our shoes on the right feet! I kinda think it is cute xo