Monday, February 15, 2010

Evening Routine

7:05pm-7:12pm: Fruitlessly try to convince Mommy to take her pants off and rub butts ("It'll be yummy, Mommy! And puhskusting!").

7:12pm-7:23pm: Rub Nana (blanket) on butt and try to get Mommy to sniff it (again, fruitlessly).

7:23pm-7:46pm: Try to stand up while Mommy grabs your ankles and pulls you down.

7:46pm-7:48pm: Fart, laugh.

7:48pm-7:50pm: Underwear on head

img 016

7:50pm-8pm: Jammies

8pm-8:30pm: Story

8:30pm: Bed, part I

8:31pm: "Mommy! I'm thirsty!"

8:35pm: "Mommy! I have to pee!"

8:44pm: "Mommy! I have to poo poo!"

8:49pm: "I'm duh-un!"

8:50: Bed, part II



jengel said...

Spot on! I'd say this is currently #1 on the "Things to Show Dash's Prom Date" list.

kate said...

I just found out recently that the twins I'm carrying are boys. And it's posts like this that concurrently strike both terror and thrill into my heart. I mean, I realize that girls may want to rub butts, too, but it's just such a classically "boy" thing to laugh at farts. I cannot wait to see what these boys of mine will bring.