Friday, February 05, 2010


Yeah, it's February 5 and I'm just getting around to making my goals list for the year. What?

Mainly Summer 2010 (But Not Exclusively) Engel Family Goal List as Conceived by its Matriarch

(Some of these are for the whole family, some are just for me. Because it's my blog & I do what I like)

1. Learn to crochet--Class booked at Urban Craft Center for Feb 12, what what!
2. Go to the snow--Dunzo
3. Go camping--Never been camping in my life. It's about time, I think.
4. Get a cabin at Russian River--Booked for May 13-16!
5. Make gazpacho entirely from veggies I grew--Tried this last year and failed. Not giving up.
6. Grow those veggies--See #5
7. Learn to ride a bike with Dash--Bike has been borrowed & skid lid secured. Now I just need some courage.
8. Movie night--Last year's was so awesome! Can't wait to do it again.
9. Malibu beach day--So, so far. But so, so worth the trek.
10. Watch Josh run his first ever full triathlon in Palm Springs--Four weeks and counting!
11. Visit the Santa Barbara Zoo--We tried this a few years ago, but Dash was too little. I think he'll like it a lot more now.
12. Make a quilt for Josh & me--Fabric has been secured and pattern has been decided. Now I just need 15 hours to sew.
13. Go strawberry picking--Best way to kill a Summer afternoon ever.
14. Make jam from #13--Maybe keep some for ourselves this year.
15. Visit Legoland or Universal Studios
16. Invite friends over for mussels--I have the best recipe for these and never get to make them.
17. Go to the Hollywood Bowl--This is on my list, like, every year, and I never get around to actually going. Let's try again.
18. Take Dash to see a play--Alice in Wonderland at the Santa Monica Playhouse, Feb. 14!
19. Go to the LA Times Festival of Books-Never been. Shameful.
20. Picnic at LACMA--My favorite way to spend Mother's Day
21. Go to the Ventura County Fair-Because going last year was my totes fave.
22. Find a great bra--Seriously. It's time.
23. Go apple picking--This'll be my third year trying to get up to Oak Glen to pick some apples. I'ma make it happen in Oh Ten.
24. Rent a boat--Did you know you could do this? I am FREAKING OUT over it.
25. Lose the baby weight--Yeah, 4 years later. What?
26. Bake a fancy cake--I've never made one of those tall, fluffy coconut cakes before. Seems incredibly satisfying.
27. Take care of my feet (gross)--My heels have been so disgusting for, like, ever. I have finally figured out how to care for them (ceaselessly, apparently). Now that they are lovely I will never go back.
28. Read 12 books--I love how everyone else in blogland is all, 52 books in a year! Never happen in a million years in my house. Even 12 is a stretch, but what the hell.
29. Eat at one seriously fancy restaurant--Like this.


Anonymous said...

I have a recommendation for #22. Intimacy - Absolutely amazing I must say. Lifetime fixes if it breaks or wire comes out. Totally great!! :) Well worth the price.

Liz said...

Thank you, Jenilee! I'll check it out!

Anonymous said...

Love the list, can't wait to make one for myself.

I am still laughing about you bringing the carrot. You = awesome.