Sunday, August 09, 2009


We woke up early on Saturday morning and hustled buns to get on the road by 9 am. We had plans to meet Jen & Tom in San Diego--about 2 1/2 hours away--to look at the wedding venue. We were about halfway there, stuck in horrible traffic, when I called Jen to say that we were going to be late. Can you guess where I'm headed with this story? "Oh, no!" says Jen. "It's not today! It's tomorrow." So then Josh beat me to death and then I died. (Only in his mind).

Determined to salvage what we could of the day, we headed downtown, to the Natural History Museum (#7 on the list! We are kicking that list's ass.)

Dash was kinda overtired and cranky and hungry, so he only lasted about 45 minutes at the museum. But it was really absolutely beautiful, and if you're local and haven't been I can't recommend it highly enough--especially the bird exhibits.

Dash was obsessed with the idea that the animals were taxidermied (are they? I don't know. I told him they were and then I got the opportunity to explain death to him which was totally awesome and not something I feel I should have prepared for at all).

Over and over again, "Are they real mama? What happened to them? Are they real, mama?"

Professor Bird explains the difference between birds and humans in eight simple steps. Not really, but I wasn't paying attention so I have no idea what he was saying. Dash was mesmerized, though.

And then! Then the best thing ever happened! Aunty called (just as I was about to have a seizure from pure grossed-outededness at the insect exhibit) to invite us to the fair. All of Dash's little mamas were in town and headed to the Ventura County Fair, and I have no idea how but somehow I managed to convince Josh to get back in the car and drive another two hours to meet up with them. And we did.

From left, Hayden, Mackenna & Dash and Masie.

And the fair was truly, honestly the best thing we've done all summer. Dash and his dad were daredevils and Dash's little mamas loved on him until he was bursting. And they had wine there. And food that was so deeply fried that it was almost metaphysical. It was a gorgeous, cool afternoon into evening and no one was crying and everyone was doing exactly what they wanted to do and it was just one of those perfect summer days you figure you only get when you're nine and don't know what a mortgage is yet.

When Dash said he wanted to go on the carousel we were all, Psfft, BORING. But then it started and it went so fast we almost flew off. And, no, there weren't any seat belts. And no, Mother, you may not hold onto me to ensure my safety.

Dash & Daddy wanted to hit up the ferris wheel and I was all, Eek, oh no! Little did I know what was coming.

They are up there, somewhere.

I spend a good portion of my time and energy trying to keep all of the assorted residents of this house alive and in good working order. Some people might call me overprotective. I prefer to think of myself as vigilant against danger. So when I announced to all who would listen that I was firmly in the "pro" category in regards to Josh taking a flying leap off of a crane many hundreds of feet in the sky with only an elastic cord secured by a carnie to hold him, even I was a tad surprised.

That's my husband, the badass.

Dash did a little bungee training his own self.

Dash has had three sodas in his life (he's keeping a running tally in his head), and all three of them have been recorded here for posterity.

After pizza, soda and funnel cake but before caramel apple with M&Ms (the remains of which are in the fridge now), there was dancing. With Masie...

and with Batman.

And then, much too soon , it was all over. A good, full day that was entirely a surprise.


Anonymous said...

OMG Dash is so cute, the converse just did me in!

vincent said...

That looks like so much fun!!! May we all have more days like that!