Friday, July 24, 2009

Ring Pillow

Jen & Tom are getting married and I get to help a little! Wee!

The design for the ring pillow came from Jen & Tom's wedding invitations:

Right? Cutest ever.

But I had to take a little creative license with the beaks. They were meant to be the same greenish blue as the green bird's legs, but they were almost impossible to see in that color. Trust me. I tried 4 times, 4 different ways. So I made them brown.

For the stuffing, I cut some scraps of linen and wrote down wishes for their marriage. Obvious things like babies and prosperity and abundance. But also the things people don't think to wish for but usually need. Like a housekeeper and comfortable shoes. They went into the pillow along with some regular pillow stuffing for loft.

I appliqued the fabric birdies onto a nice, nubby, natural linen. I embroidered their initials & dates using my new favorite font, procured for free from this genius.

Here is the completed ring pillow hanging out near some books. I had to put the ribbon for the rings in the corner. I hope it's ok. Josh & I did a dry run and it worked great, but I think we won't know for sure until Jen & Tom try it out.


Jennifer said...

I didn't know about the pillow's contents until now. I'm so moved...I don't know what to say. Thank you, Lizzy.

Tom said...

It's so beautiful. Really lovely. And yes, as Jen said, the wishes inside are so thoughtful. May they permeate out to us all. Thank you thank you thank you.