Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Craft Hope 3

I know a little something about babies and their relationships with blankets. Dash's love for his Nana is famous among those who know us.

With Nana on Father's Day

When it's time for sleep, the first question is "where's Nana?" (Once we forgot to bring Nana to school. I think his teacher is still not recovered from the hysterics that ensued).

Even Superheroes needs their Nanas

When there's an injury to be addressed, the first wail is never for Mama or Daddy. Nana first, every time. (It's kind of how we know he's really hurt and not just whining.) When Dash is tired or grumpy, there must be Nana to smell and rub on his nose. Sometimes, when he's very, very tired, we'll hear from the back seat of the car, "My Nana, she is a sweet Nana."

Nana as tablecloth at the Angels game.

Dash has three Nanas in rotation. I live in fear that something might happen to one of them, because Nana has been discontinued and is selling on Ebay for upwards of $50. But I know that if push comes to shove, I'll pay it. Because Nana is important. Nana helps make my baby feel safe.

So, when I'm told that orphaned babies need Nanas (or Blankies, or Silkies or whatever) and that I can help, well, I help. Because I get it. Because my child has two parents and a whole giant network of people who would kill for him and still, he needs that little extra comfort. Because babies with none of what he has could probably use a little of that comfort, too.

Craft Hope 3's call went out for baby blankets and beanies (along with booties that I was too intimidated to attempt) for childrens homes in India. I made four blankets and six beanies.

I made beanies from this pattern once before, for Amanda Soule's Mama to Mama project. It was a great way to upcycle some promotional t-shirts Josh never wore, and was so incredibly simple. Now that I'm a very slightly better sewer, they took maybe 15 minutes from start to finish. And they're so cute! With the little knot up top. Come on!

Because it's hot where these blankets are going, they don't include any batting. It's just a piece of cotton flannel backed with a piece of yellow gingham (also cotton, of course; can't have any polyester rubbing up against any naked baby parts).

Each blanket took a yard of each fabric that shrunk up just a little in the wash. I think they'll be a good size for swaddling or just for a comfort Nana for older kids.

Thanks again, Jade, for the opportunity to remember how very, very blessed and lucky our family is, to be so rich in Nanas and resources that we even have a little left over to for those who have none.

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