Sunday, July 26, 2009

Garden Update

When you factor in the cost of the dirt, water, compost & my man hours, this strawberry should cost around $125.

But this face is worth about $1,000,000, so we're cool.

When I planted this garden, my main goal was to grow veggies for a gazpacho. It's even on my list. Well. I made the gazpacho for book club today. Here's what was ripe last night when I went a-pickin'.

I'm calling it good on a technicality.

My take on the world's best gazpacho here.

(Thanks, Vincent, for the encouragement with the strawberries!)

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Anonymous said...

I have so many comments! Loved the Disneyland post. That picture of him whining was priceless. And super cute picture of you! I can't wait to make this gazpacho. When we got back from vacation I ran out to the garden and omg, I will never be able to eat that much produce. Oy.

I had another one . . . oh. Love the ring pillow. I so want to learn to sew this summer, but we are in the middle of heat wave right now and I am trying to focus on STAYING ALIVE. :)