Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who Wants to See Something Cute?

Internet, I am proud to present to you the newest additions to the Engel clan: [now with edits]

Pippi Longstocking Engel [What I meant to say was Winston Churchill Engel]

Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo Engel [Um, actually Lou C. Engel. The C is for Value.]

You'll notice we named them after two of our our favorite red-headed ladies fellas.

But we're now fairly certain they're both boys [yup]. We'll find out for sure later today from the vet.

So maybe you've actually just met Ira Winston & Lou.

Either way, SQUEE! KITTEHS!


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna list it out:

1. That first picture is so cute. I miss having kittens.
2. LOVE the names. I have a thing for names / nicknames. No one is safe. I've been calling my best friends little girl Slim Shady or a derivative of that for a couple of weeks now. (ie, Loo Loo Shady Bell)
3. Tell me about the blanket in the picture! Did you make it?
4. I've been meaning to tell you thanks for the pesto link, I'm going to make it stat.

Liz said...

So weird that I don't know your email address to reply directly, Mrs. Swan!
1. Thank you. I'm taking all the credit for my mad photography skills making the kittens look cute. (Can you tell that's a joke? I have the opposite of mad photography skills).
2. Poor us. They're dudes. Nothing will ever beat Pippi as a cat name. Nothing. She's now Winston.
3. No, I bought an unfinished quilt top from Etsy (was still trying to figure out how to work my sewing machine). I did stuff it, make the back & bind it, though. Counts? No, I guess not. But I'm making a quilt now! For real! Will post pics soon.
4. Nothing better than pesto in all of its many forms. Mmm fat and nuts and cheese and herbs.