Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Run Away!

It's getting right spooky up in here, peeps.

Ok, maybe the green ball & picnic blanket make the scene slightly less terrifying. But just slightly, right?

This dead guy has been dubbed "Pottin' Pete" by Dash. We don't know why.

At night he lights up & his heart (visible through his chest cavity, obvs) beats. It's awesome & revolting.

This head used to drop down & shriek as people approached. It's probably best that he stopped working. Who knows how many peoples' lives were significantly shortened due to the sheer terror of it.

I made that Jolly Roger. Right?

Closer look? Well, ok!

Uh oh. Wonder how long he's been out here.

Untitled-1 copy
Just doing a little maintenance around the house. I told you, we really get into the spirit around here.

We made those ghosties out of scraps of linen, balled up newspapers & twist ties. Dash drew the horrifying faces.

OK, Halloween party next! I know you can't wait!

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