Saturday, January 01, 2011


I didn't manage everything from my list last year, but I did well enough to feel pretty good about it.

This year I'm going less specific with my goals. I mean, there are things I'd like to do (berry picking, jamming, gardening, baking, crochet, etc.) but these things are more traditions now than goals, so I don't feel any need to write them down.

I would love to learn to knit (though I'm not trying anything new until poor Josh finally gets the afghan I've been working on for nearly a year) and I've still never been camping. But I feel like those things will happen when they ought to. No big urgent need to write that down, either.

This year we'll likely move to a new house. My best friend is getting married. Dash is starting kindergarten. That's plenty to keep me tired.

But, because this is me, I do have a couple things to note:

1. Lose the last 15 lbs. I feel better than I have for years and years, but I want the number on the scale just a wee bit lower.

2. Participate in the Toy Society's toy drop.

3. Less wine for me, less candy for Dash.

4. This. Shh. Don't talk about it. I'm scared.

Happy 2011, world. Be kind.


Erin said...

Good list, and hey, the thing we're not talking about... You will kick it's ass. For seriously. The first time out sucks hard, you can call it a win if you don't barf in your hands. The second time is easier. And after three weeks you'll be all HOOYAH! SUCK IT RUNNING! HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!
Let us know how it goes?

Liz said...

Oh Erin! Thanks for the encouragement. I will absolutely share here about how it goes. Wish me luck!

jengel said...

I've already signed on to be the official barf catcher, so you've got this, honey!

justine said...

I'll do the "shh" with you. I know our schedules are crazy but if you commit to one, I'll do it with you.