Monday, June 06, 2011

Pumping Out the Proverbial Jamz


We're hitting up a rock-n-roll themed first birthday party next week (seriously, how awesome is that? How come it never occurred to me to throw a rocker party?) so I embellished one of Dash's shirts with a Ziggy Stardust freezer paper stencil & some gold fabric paint. It only 80% looks like Bowie, but whatevs. Close enough.

Then I made a plush guitar for the wee birthday boy. I couldn't find a tutorial online, so I just kinda winged it. Real musicians are probably groaning about my lack of knobs & whazzits, but it's squishy and looks kinda like a guitar (and Dash has demanded I make one for him, too) so I'm calling it good.

1 comment:

K Schach said...

You rock mamma!!! The toy was a big hit already tonight :)