Friday, September 09, 2011


Dash's tics had all but disappeared over the Summer. So much so that Josh & I had started patting each other on the back for getting him through such a difficult "phase."

Well. Then kindergarten began, and the tics got so out of hand that on day one we were pretty sure he'd hyperventilate. Things have calmed down considerably since then, but we're spending some extra time focusing on getting Dash to 1. feel more secure in his days & 2. be more mindful of his body and his breathing.

I've tried tackling the mindfulness by making him a mind jar (a jar full of water, a dash of glycerin and some glitter. when Dash is feeling particularly frantic, we shake up the jar and focus on the falling glitter until it's all at the bottom again. he seems to like it.)

Here's what Josh did to help him feel more secure during his days:

That's half of the shoelace and lock that Josh wore during his very first race. It goes into Dash's pocket every morning. If he starts to feel stressed or worried while they're apart, he can touch it for a bit of comfort.

This is the other half that Josh keeps with him. When he senses that Dash is needing him, he touches it to send some comfort Dash's way.

I mean. Right?

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InTheFastLane said...

That is really awesome that he and dad have that connection.

My Dash (who is now 12), was eventually diagnosed w/ a mild form of tourettes. We finally medicated when He was super uncomfortable and asked for it. The medication doesn't take them away completely. And I would never suggest that you should medicate your child. But, it has taken the edge off for Dash. But, what I wanted to mention is I have found is that things like him playing music (Dash plays the cello) and running, help him find that calm and those things help the tics too.

Finding the calm is so individual and I am so impressed at how you guys have work to find that for Dash.