Monday, October 17, 2011

Last Weekend

Oh nothing, just my third 5k. It was our hardest (and slowest) race yet, but Josh still managed to finish first in his age group & I finished third in mine. La la la, just another Saturday.

Oh, you wanna see our plaques? Well ok!

After the race we brushed most of the dirt off & headed out to dinner & a show. If by dinner & a show you mean Water Grill followed by Dudamel at the Phil.

Consider our bouches amused.

Is there anything classier than iPhone-ography at a fancy restaurant? I think not. (This was Josh's tuna. Look at that sear. Seriously, look at it.)

That's my salmon. Do you see that little splash of sunshine on the left? That's a polenta cake with a poached egg on top. I rubbed my entire head in that business.

Then it was on to the serious cultuh. There was a dude sitting next to Josh that was leaning forward & bobbing his head like he was at a Phish concert or something. His date's dress was so tiny it was shocking even by LA standards.

This man was wearing a kilt. Because his silver ponytail wasn't enough to establish his awesomeness in his own mind? He need to seal the deal with a kilt? Way to gild the lily, dude. (Also, a couple of rows ahead another dude was wearing a Chinese silk pajama top with trousers. He was the first to rise for the standing O.) (I love about the first 20 minutes of classical music & then I get a little antsy and start judging the people and outfits around me.) (In case you couldn't tell.)


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