Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yes, Crazy. No Way Around It.

I can justify a lot of the crazy shit I do, but I have nothing to say in defense of my latest project. It's a dollhouse. A wizard's dollhouse. Where a wizard would live. No one in this (actual) house has any interest in it except for me. Because I am off the deep end.

Here are some (terrible, terrible) pics of my work in progress. There will be more. Yeah there will.

Here's his bedroom. I cut up an old robe I bought in Chinatown, but never really wore, for his bedding. 

 This is his attic room, adjacent to his bedroom. It'll be where he stores his art & unicorn horns & whatnot. (Also, William Morris wallpaper, aged with a damp rag & brown paint).

I found this picture of an insane rug online. I printed it onto iron-on paper & transferred it to muslin. I glued that onto felt (after cutting all the fringe), but I'm thinking I'll need to sew it down to keep it from curling.

This is the big distressed dragon rug I made for the attic.

This is the fossil room. So far, all we have is this triceratops & a skull mounted on the wall. More will come.

This is the Egypt room.
I made the mummy out of pipe cleaners & cheesecloth, and the sarcophagus from an unfinished coffin from Michael's.

 The kitchen is the only room in the house that has a floor so far. It's vinyl made to look like stone.

The kitchen wallpaper is my favorite in the whole house.

The only thing that's done in the living room so far is the fireplace. I'm not 100% sold on it. I may refinish it again.

 This is, so far, my favorite thing in the house. A ship!

Hello, I'm a ship. Awesome.

Oh, another (ghost) ship. Apparently painted by the wizard.

Here are a couple pieces of ephemera I've made up--map & newspaper homage to Harry Potter. Because there's no wizard house without a Harry Potter wink, yes?

I have about 20 of these teensy bottles made up, but this is the one I could find easily to photograph. Powdered unicorn horn, yo.

As any good wizard would, our dude has an extensive stock of wands on hand. (Made by me & Dash out of polymer clay).


jengel said...

Your poor husband....

Mrs-S said...

1. I laughed at Josh's comment.
2. It's SO WILD how we are on the same currant sometimes, as I too just recently became dollhouse obsessed. Of course, it's not really the same current, because I am only in the beginning stages of accumulating and deciding, and you have a full fledged amazing holy shit creative house going. But it's like I'm riding waaaaaaaaay to the side of your current, so you know. That's cool. :)

Sarah K. said...

Love it all! Especially the kitchen wallpaper. May I ask where you found it?

Erin said...

Liz, I just got caught up, post wise over here; and it's like you've spent the entire early autumn doing stuff that makes you pretty much the awesomest ever. No, wait. It isn't "like" that. It IS that. I'm SO impressed. By you know, EVERYTHING. (and good job on the race - 3rd! whaaaat!)

Mini Dork said...

Wow! The lobster crawling away from the pot, HighLarious. Awesome house.

Sarah K. said...

How is this project going? I couldn't find an update!