Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crazy Town

After a false start on Sunday...
Liz: "Pose for a picture, boys!"
Josh & Dash: "Dun wanna, bleh."
Liz: weeps, "I'm trying to make MEMORIES here, assholes!" storms home on foot. *Fin*
 ...we had our annual review of the Christmas crazy last night. And WHOO BOY, it was a doozy. Since we moved house late last year, we had to find a new neighborhood to tour and, if I may say so, we found the best one in all the land.

See if you don't agree:
Um, excuse me? I think Christmas threw up on your house.

You can't really see much here, but each house on the street has a stanza from "Twas the Night Before Christmas" 

I honestly wonder if agreeing to string lights between your house & your neighbor's is in the HOA agreement.

They were collecting money for the local homeless shelter. Josh just took a couple bucks for mad money. That's allowed, right?

Brrr, it's cold here in the fake North Pole!


Yo, Baby Jesus, I'm really happy for you & I'ma let you finish, but last year's Santa Kneeling Before the Baby Jesus was the best Nativity of all time!

This house has a whole penguin thing going on. Magical!

Poor Santa can't get no respec'. First he's all hanging from the lights and people are just ignoring him like, "hey, it's not MY problem that Santa got wasted & tried to tightrope walk between houses."

And then Josh & Dash won't even let him dunk in peace.

It all worked out later, though. He had a little nap & then tore it up on the ones & twos.

Even the Jews own it in this neighborhood!

Of course they also had to be all topical with their liberal Jewish agenda! (I kid, I kid! I also have a liberal Jewish agenda! Ask how many briskets I'm making this year! THREE!)

Santa is the 99%!


Bye Wakefield Winter Wonderland! You win at Christmas!

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Jamesmorel said...

Redonkulous. But kind of amazing too...