Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Oh My God, the Tree

We got our tree this weekend!

We hit up our favorite tree lot. (May be time to retire that shirt, yes?)

But this year we actually cut that shit down our own damn selves.


Here's the thing about cutting down your own tree: when you're in a forest of giant Christmas trees, it becomes impossible to gauge the size of the tree you select. (I wish this could be our Christmas picture. Hi Aunty & Tio!)

That's how we ended up with a tree so big that there isn't really room for anything else in our sitting room. 

Can you tell how tall that tree is? It's crazy tall. Like, have to stand on the stairs to see the topper tall.

Speaking of tree toppers! Click the link & marvel at the nipples.

Or just let Josh point them out to you.

(Also, not sure why it looks like we live on the surface of the sun in these pics. May be related to my unyielding obsession with Instagram & refusal to use an actual camera any more).

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