Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Dash went back to school yesterday after his eleven month Winter break. Here's how we spent some of those last days.

Lou & Puss 4-evah
Lou & Puss bonded

Ugh, first attempt at picking up a paintbrush in a couple of years.
I broke out the watercolors and learned that I need more art classes.

I like my nerdy family.
The fellas nerded out on their myriad devices.

Made his own root beer!
Josh brewed his own root beer

Making gum!
Dash made his own chewing gum (and learned about how chicle can help save the rain forests.)

We visited the Gould family in their brand new house.

And Dash drew them a house portrait in crayon.

Reading Uncle Lish's basketball bible
Josh brushed up on his basketball coaching skills (oh, did I mention Josh is coaching Dash's new basketball team? It's pretty effing adorable. I mean badass.) with Uncle Lish's basketball bible.

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