Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Passing Notes

Dash made us a couple of pre-Valentines Valentines. Except he put the wrong names on them. Obviously Josh is a better coach & I am a better soer (sewer). Also, they're from Dash and his friends. His friends being Cuddles & Puss. Because Jesus Christ the kid is fucking adorable.

This card came home with Dash the other day. How sweet! She drew him a snowman!

Then you flip it over and boom. Though I think Lainey's gonna have to work it out with Dash's fiancee.

How to Scoop the Dooks
In our house we call cleaning the litter boxes "scooping the dooks" because we're adults. This weekend Dash assisted and took some notes. The tally marks were for each step completed, per box.

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