Monday, May 06, 2013

(Grand)Mother's Day

Here are the gifts that Dash (with a tiny bit of help from his control-freak mother) made for his grandmas this year.

Mother's day gift for the grandmas from Dutch.
We settled on painting ceramic bowls & mugs, to be presented along with a homemade pint of ice cream. Grandma Sherry (Josh's mom) got portraits of her much beloved & doted-upon puppies, Fannie & Tillie.

Those red tongues are the best.

Like all important artists, Dash signed & dated his work.

Dash's Baba (my mom) is more of a cat person, but Dash has had a fat assful of drawing cats on things for her, so we decided on ice cream cones.

That hyphenated -m at the end of "cream" kills me to death.

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