Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Skoolz Out fo Summah!

Dash finished first grade on Thursday. I threw a party to celebrate. Because that's how I deal with life events and the changes I can't control. Well, parties and sitting in a dark room, rocking back and forth, repeating, "he's still little" to myself over and over. But let's focus on the party.

I made ice eggs (stuff a few trinkets--I used bracelets, Legos, keychains and other little Squinkies and the like--into a balloon, fill with water, tie off and freeze for a few days. Once they're frozen, peel the rubber off and voila).

And let the kids go nuts.

Look. At. That. Face. JUST LOOK AT IT!

There was also hair dyeing (with Kool Aid, Sharpies and spray-in color to accommodate every kid's needs) and food and forts and crafts. But I didn't get any pictures of anything because I was having fun just celebrating those amazing kids and their amazing parents. 

Killing the whole parenting thing.
Here's our yearbook message to Dash (sans a couple of commas, but you know). We are killing this whole parenting thing.

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