Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Running of the Dummies

The Santa Clarita 5K is always our last race of the year (after early November our schedules just go completely bananas and it gets too dark for me to run after work because I'm afraid of zombies).

This is my favorite picture of Josh running. He looks like such a total bad ass.

And here's me, looking like I'm about to die (because I was about to die). BUT, I made a new personal record--beat my next best time by 15 seconds and beat my last time for this race by more than 2 minutes (granted, the last time I ran this race was just a few weeks after my Dad had died and I hadn't trained at all but I'm still counting it) now I'm all excited to get faster next year.

But really, none of the above is as exciting as what our beloved Sharon did. About ten weeks ago she was all, "la la la, I'm going to run a half marathon." And then she fucking did

I made shirts for our crew that said "Go, Sharon, Go!" or "Go Mommy, Go!" (depending on who would be wearing it) and we chased her all over the route (in our cars because we're not crazy) to cheer her on. Here she is somehow managing to smile just moments after finishing. I have no idea how. Then she went home & threw a 3rd birthday party for her twins. Now that, kids, is fucking punk rock.

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