Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Just Foolin' Around

April Fool's is one of my very favorites. I get to fuck with the kid and not feel bad. This year he was onto our first prank instantly, so next year we're gonna bring the pain. There will be permanent hair dye involved.

This letter was waiting for him when he came down this morning. He knew right away that his principal's signature was forged and that the date was wrong (That was my screw-up, didn't see it until Josh pointed it out, and even then I couldn't imagine Dash would notice. I was wrong. Kid could literally lose his pants off his body and have no idea, but one flipping number is off on a letter and he's Hercule-fucking-Poirot allasudden).

 This was Josh's idea. We mixed Skittles, M & M's & Reese's Pieces together in a Skittles box and re-sealed it with double stick tape.

 Our desperate hope is that he just shoves a big handful into his maw at lunch. We'll see what he reports back after school.
 He hasn't seen this one yet, either.

I was super-excited for this to make him (literally?) shit himself after school, until Josh reminded me that my mother would be bringing him home after piano today. So if she uses the bathroom before he does, things could escalate quickly. Still not warning her about it, though.

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