Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tri-logy (I'm running out of Tri-related titles. Can you tell?)

Have I ever mentioned that Josh is a triathlete?

It's true! 

This year our beloved Babkes joined us for the craziness and so they each earned at Team Engel shirt for waking up at 5 am to cheer him on! Yay, everybody wins!
Adam helped train Josh for the swim (he was a swimmer in college) and for some reason I'll never understand, they started calling their sessions "the Fury," so that's what he got on the back of his shirt.

Sharon helped with his running, so she's "Footwork." I helped pack, so I'm "Manager." Womp womp.

43. For a couple more days...

Dash sherpa'd his ass off.

Handsome mother fucker.

Wishing his Daddy good luck.

Getting ready.

Strike a pose!

We saw the "No Swimming" sign a bit too late.

[Pretend we have a bunch of bike pix here. Maybe one of these years he'll be close enough to us that we'll see him riding.]

Run, Dummy!

The boys ran with him across the finish line because life is perfect and children are amazing.

Nice work, beloved Zubs. You never cease to inspire us!

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