Monday, March 11, 2013


Last weekend, for the fourth year in a row, we packed up our bike & wet suit (Josh), donuts & assorted gaming devices (Dash) and wine & embroidery projects (guess), and headed to La Quinta (or, as we say it, "Lah Keeeeeeentah") for Josh's triathlon.

Yo, boys, how many triathlons has Daddy done so far? (four. the answer is four).

How many after tomorrow? (five. the answer is five. you're welcome).

Because every occasion is an occasion to accessorize, I made team t-shirts again.

Team Engel, bitches!

I manage. Dash sherpas.


This year the race took place the day before Josh's birthday, so he took the opportunity to be 41 one final time. (also please to enjoy the extra-hot socks/sandals combo).

The most difficult part of these triathlons for Josh has always been the swim, so this year I bought him some coached swimming lessons as one of his Christmas gifts (you know, just one of the incredibly thoughtful gestures I like to make on the regular). It seemed to make him feel a bit more comfortable in the water.

This is the first time I've seen him smile after finishing the swim. 

His swim time goal was to be in the water for fewer than twelve minutes, so I set my stopwatch to see how he did. Oh nothing, just NINE MINUTES. (also, please to notice that I had to actually photograph my phone with a camera because I couldn't remember how to take a screencap. if Josh ever leaves me I'll be doomed to a life of rotary phones, dead light bulbs and no air conditioning. but there will be plenty of doll clothes).

I didn't get any pictures of Josh on his bike because his transition spot was too far for me to see, but we can assume he looked like this:


While we were waiting, Dash & I took some selfies. Like you do.

And here he is just moments away from the finish line. He didn't think the speed at which he was travelling was evident in this picture, so he edited it to more accurately reflect his pace:

Are you hearing the Rocky Theme?

Oh nothing, just finished at his fastest time EVER. Even though he is OLD.

After the race, a family nap and a nice swim in the hotel pool, we hit up the Hog's Breath to celebrate the old man's accomplishment and birthday.

And paid our annual respects to Mr. Eastwood.

Nice work, Zubs. You make us incredibly proud!

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