Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Knuffle Bunny

When Dash was leetle (and I bet even today), Knuffle Bunny was one of his most favorite books. I think he could relate to the sheer horror of possibly losing a beloved friend (ex: Nana the blanket, Cuddles the tiger and, most recently, Puss, Cuddles' younger, sillier tiger brother), and the incredible relief of finding them again.

So. When it came time for me to figure out a bunny-themed Easter something to make for our sweet Oliver, Knuffle Bunny seemed a solid choice.

Hello Knuffle Bunny!
I had seen stuffed Knuffle Bunnies that you could buy, but 1) I didn't think they really look that much like the bunny from the book. And B) Who are we kidding?

So I poked around a bit and found a free pattern that I used as a jumping off point. I altered the way the head was attached, omitted the outlines on the eyes and paws, and changed the fabric from flannel to a super-soft minky . 

I don't know how much Oliver will love his new Knuffle, but I loved making it enough for both of us.

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