Monday, April 01, 2013

The Bunny

Do you want to play a game?
The Bunny didn't hide eggs at our house for Dash this year, because he knew we'd be spending the morning hunting eggs at Dash's cousins' house. So instead, he came up with a different kind of hunt.

Easter basket hunt
The Bunny came up with a series of clues--hidden in plastic eggs--for Dash to follow, that would eventually lead him to his Easter basket. The first clue (look inside where your Mommy cooks dinner) led him to another egg inside the oven. That egg's clue (look under your favorite place to sit) led him to look under his favorite armchair. And so on. (I was pretty sure that "look where you get clean" would stump him, since he goes so long between showers he forgets what they're for, but he eventually figured it out).

Eight clues later, he finally found his basket inside the clothes dryer.

After digging through his basket at home and getting good and sugared up, we headed over to our cousins' house in the pursuit of more chocolate. That's Autumn & her bunny, Spots. Because BUNNY!

Here's Josh's bunny impression. Good luck going to sleep tonight. (If you think I'm not framing this picture for my nightstand then you just don't know me at all).

Eventually the children were loosed upon a backyard filled with about 200 eggs. Because I'm not the only insane person in our family. Aunt Rain also has a touch of the "if some is good then more is better" affliction.

Here they are with their hauls.

Spots & Fang the Ferocious both hope you had a wonderful Easter, too.

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