Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Let's Ride

This weekend, the three of us participated in our first ever organized bike event--the Santa Clarita Century Family Ride (6 miles). I think Dash has a new jam.

Before the race started, Dash was pretty worked up. I think he was nervous that we'd be separated or that we'd get lost. Josh assured him that it would all be ok.

I think I've mentioned that I'm a fairly new bike rider (I didn't really learn to ride until three years ago.) So I'm a bit unsteady and can't let go of either handlebar to even scratch my nose without falling over--I learned this the hard way. Josh, however, can take backwards family portraits on his phone.

Despite the fact that he was riding a BMX bike, this was his first race, and he'd only ever ridden this distance a couple of times in his life, Dash finished second! He was pretty pissed he didn't get first, but it'll give him something to aspire to.

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