Monday, April 01, 2013


Sometimes I wonder if Josh & I delight a little too much in fucking with Dash. And then I think, "nah."

I had all sorts of stuff planned for April Fool's Day this year, but between Easter being the day before and the fact that he's on Spring break all week, we ended up having to edit a couple of things out. Next year, though, Dash. Next year you'd better watch your ass.

Untitled-1 copy
My first step was to buy a can of these oranges at Trader Joe's. I actually wanted fruit cocktail, but I needed a small can with a pull top and this is all I could find.

Once I got them home, I opened the bottom of the can with one of those safety can openers that actually remove the entire lip of the can, leaving no sharp edges. Then I emptied, cleaned and dried the can and the bottom that I had removed.

Then I placed a scrap of paper reading "April Fool's!" face down in the can (so once it's opened correctly, it'll be face up), and filled the can about half way with chocolate covered peanut butter preztels. Then, to keep the new contents of the can from rattling while he opened it, I stuffed a couple of paper towels into the bottom.

All that was left was a little hot glue action around the bottom lid...

and a few taps with a plastic mallet to get it all back into place good and tight. 

Since I think we can all agree that finding chocolate in a can of oranges isn't the worst thing that can happen to a body, I decided to go in a little more disgusting direction for the second prank. As he was getting the can open, I was getting his breakfast toast ready.

April Fools!
And by "toast" I mean roach-infested filth-bread. (Actually, I just printed a roach image onto clear label paper, cut it out & stuck it onto the plate.) It's kinda easy to tell that it's just a sticker in this picture, but it was pretty convincing in real life.

And, for our grand finale, purple food coloring on his toothbrush. I can't tell if he's more angry about the food coloring or that Josh was photographing him while he was brushing his teeth, but either way, I'm calling this April Fool's a success.

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