Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter Crafting for Jews

Oh dudes. I have discovered something new. Have you seen this ultra-light clay? It is seriously tits.

I've never really worked with clay before, but I really wanted to try my hand at it for reasons I can no longer remember. So I hit up the craft store and came home with some clay and jewelry findings and clay glaze. Again, no idea what I was planning, I just wanted to dick around with clay.

 I actually started by trying to make some earrings with the ultra-light clay, which didn't work at all. The clay, even after baking, just wasn't sturdy enough, so I used my regular polymer clay (I already had some in my stash from when I made teensy wands for the Wizard's dollhouse.)

I drew the faces on with my favorite 005 Sakura Micron pen, and I painted the cheeks and ears with Martha's translucent glitter paint. After sealing the whole thing with glaze, I glued the backs on with super-strong craft glue (E-6000, if you're curious).

After finishing up the earrings, I broke off a piece of the ultra-light and got to work. Once I figured out how I wanted the bunny heads to look, I had a weird amount of fun adding accessories. The heart glasses were inspired by Fifi Lapin. The sparkly purple bow was inspired by seven-year-old girls the world 'round.

I added a pendant loop to the backs with my adhesive, then strung these adorable ribbon necklaces through. Voila, chic bunny necklaces for the little ladies in our lives.

Now, obviously, once the bunnies were done, I had to make some zombies for Dash. Because zombies.

Then I decided that a sugar skull pin for Dash's Aunty was in order.


Here's how I packaged up the bunnies for Easter gifting. I found these sweet little animal eggs at Target.

And wrote the girls' names on their butts in Sharpie.

Happy Easter, Goys!

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